Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top 19 Finds of the Summer

With summer now officially gone, I thought I'd compile a list of my favorite 19(ish) finds as posted between July 21st and September 21st for those of you just joining us for some lovely fall blogging. Just click on the links to read the original posts and to see pretty photos.

1) Designer: Alexandra Groover - Okay, so I actually discovered her on June 19th which was technically still spring, but whatever.
2) Fashion grad student: Stacey Grant
6) Custom made piece (not for me): Norwegian Wood rib cage dress for Queen Michelle
8) Convertible piece: Attila Design grey dress
10) Wanted Accessory: Ditte Lerche knit neckpiece
11) Photos: FROG scarves
14) Movie: Moon
15) Website: Not Just a Label
19) Most beautiful dress in the world: Stacey Grant's tulle and embroidered silk draped dress

You were expecting pictures to accompany each item? Yikes. Sorry, but my Wii Fit is calling.

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