Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No one has breakfast at Tiffany's

This hand-dyed silk skirt and backless harness top from Attila Design are outrageously gorgeous (front view when worn together on the left, back view when worn separate on the right). If I were Carrie Bradshaw, I would eschew a new pair of Manolos just for this outfit. But, since I'm not her (and hence I can't fit into this one of a kind XS/S set), I shall simply dream. And continue my SATC month-long marathon. I figure that re-watching all six seasons will gear me up for my trip, or at least drill in the fact that I won't feel like an oddball simply because I don't dress like a hipster...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blue Hands

I rather love both the delightfully bizarre looks (above) and the delightfully pretty looks (below) from Taiwanese designer Chiui Hsu's 'Blue Hands et Earth Hands' collection. While I was at the Monster Ball, Chiui showed her natural plant dyed clothing at Toronto's TELUS TAIWANfest (sorry for shouting), battling against two other Taiwanese designers (including Vancouver/New York-based Angela Chen of Orange by Angela Chen). I really feel that burlap isn't used enough in fashion. Aside from Chiui, I think that Laura of hier apparel is the only one to have realized the potential of the potato sack. 

I find myself liking blue more and more these days. Perhaps it's in anticipation of seeing the Atlantic Ocean. Or perhaps it's influenced by the fact that I rarely see blue sky anymore. Whatever the case may be, I think I need to wear more of it this fall.

(Photos by Raymond Chow)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Monster Fall

It's official: fall is here. It's been quite chilly in the evenings all week and for the entire day today. The leaves are already turning colour, and some have already fallen off. Sigh. What creeps me out though is that Starbucks seems to have known this would happen, as they've decided to release the drink that embodies autumn, being the Pumpkin Spice Latte of course, today. I can't remember when they normally release the beloved PSL, but it certainly was never in August. Someone in New York please tell me: Is the PSL there already too? Because if Starbucks has somehow bought control of the weather, I'm going to have to revise my packing list...

Anyway, though I'm quite happy to be reacquainted with some of my fall clothing already, I'm staging a slight protest against the premature change in season by not posting anything cozy looking today. So instead, here's a video of part of the amazing Lady Gaga concert I attended last night. I was nowhere near as close as the person that took this video, but it was still enjoyable from my perch. I've never seen a musical production quite like the Monster Ball, nor a scary monster quite like this (by the way, don't worry, that's fake blood on Gaga). And I must say, I love the flaming undies. I kinda wish I had had something to wear that was remotely Gaga-ish as at least half of the sold-out crowd was Gaga'ed out (I wore my mono Scarf Dress with my utterly fantastic ArtLab Couture Pleated Harness No. 3), though I was definitely warmer during the walk home than those poor little monsters in next to nothing...

Friday, August 27, 2010

complexgeometries, A/W 10

The long-awaited day has come! Well, the Lady Gaga portion of the day is long-awaited seeing as I bought the ticket long long ago. And the complexgeometries portion of the day is long-awaited as I've come to learn that their collections always look better in the online shop photos, and I tend to like the A/W collections better than the S/S ones. I'm even more excited about A/W this time around, as there's more than enough jersey, mesh, silk, and wool/tencel pieces to delight my wardrobe. And there's a men's wool jacket version of the beloved stifler hoodie that I adopted from my man! That's going to be the higher-end cg piece of the collection that I pine after this season. Especially if it comes out in a woman's version. Sigh.

In other Canadian fashion news, there's some sample pieces from mono's FLIGHT series up for sale in the super saletime monoshop Etsy shop! I'm telling you, these prices are absolute steals. The scarf dress for $159?!! I'd want to add a tip for Heather just because I'd feel bad paying that little for that gorgeous piece...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Draped Sackness

There's something comforting about this shape, seen in the 'Shrouded Shadows' coat on the left by Irish fashion grad Ameira Emam, and on the right in this linen dress by London designer Jo Demontis. But perhaps I'm just being sentimental, as I slightly shrunk my favorite Andromache, had to (kind of) say goodbye to my Lisbeth Salander-ish co-worker, and ate far too much not-good-to-eat-before-your-New-York-trip food. Oh yeah, and I just finished (re-re-re-)watching Season 4 of SATC. You know, when Big moves to California? Sigh.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have no phone.
I have no Internet.
If the world were to end, I would be the last to find out.
Send an owl if you need to contact me.
I'm the one with the fresh noir locks, Page fringe, and cappuccino breath.
Guess I'll just hang out.

(Photo from Katie Wood's 'Hang' project)

Monday, August 23, 2010

You oughta know

If you're like me and you were rather disappointed to miss out on Wolfgang Jarnach's pop-up shop, you'll be happy to know that some of his pieces are now available online via email, including some hand-dyed tees, wonderful blouses, and pants galore! I really love those cross-over pants (available in two colours), reminiscent of my Vivienne Westwood harem pants. And I'm intrigued by the beige pants (even though they have pleats), as they're a cashmere/linen blend (there are also two other colours available, but in different fabrics). But I think I'm leaning towards the zip pants (also available in beige). Yes, they're on male model in the photo here, but I happen to know that they look fabulous on women as well. I suggest you prepare yourself to hear and see more about Wolfgang around here. Because I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gallery 10

As the smoke seems to finally be clearing, and my fear of having to survive the rest of my life on canned food has abated, I had the feeling that today in particular I would find something amazing to post. So here it is: the new Mandula collection. In other words, it's going to be okay. But if you're still worried, it looks like Hajnalka has the face masks covered. Ah, methinks February is looking like a good time to finally visit Vancouver again. Hopefully I'll have recovered financially from my NYC trip by then. And yes, I'll likely mention my trip many times before I leave. My eight day vacation is nearly fully booked with all sorts of adventures, and so it's hard to think of anything else (besides the question of how long my stuff will smell like a campfire). But don't worry, I'll likely be taking a blogging break the whole time I'm gone, as I'm too frightened to take my beautiful lap top with me...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Danish pastries

In trying to find more info on the Danish designer behind this fantastic wintry look, namely Tine Winther Rysgaard (photo via Fashion156), I stumbled upon some wondrous dresses. I have no idea who the students are that are responsible for these looks, except that he/she/they are also BA students like Tine, but at the Designskolen Kolding (Tine studies at the Danmarks Designskole). Graduates from both design schools had the opportunity to show their graduate collections at last week's Copenhagen Fashion Week. I find this dress below combines the two pieces I'm debating on and developing outfits around for Fashion's Night Out: The Show, as I'm either wanting to wear my ArtLab Charlie Chaplin Couture Bib over something, or my mono Scarf Dress...or both.

I also quite love the shape of this dress. However, if I were to wear this dress out, I'd hope someone would let me know that I spilt my water all down it's front.

And this is just lovely. Like the ArtLab Andromache, but in eveningwear/beachwear form. Hey Patricia, that's not such a bad idea actually...

(Runway photos via Copenhagen Fashion Week)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Get Your Smokey On

Well, that was a day full of unexpected things. First of all, while I was working in the wee hours of the morning, my man woke up on his day off just to get a ticket for me for the Fashion's Night Out: The Show, which apparently sold out right after he confirmed the order. Then, out of no where (well, to someone not looking out the window all morning or watching the news) a thick veil of smoke came over the entire city, being blown in from severe forest fires in British Columbia. As a result, scratchy throats, burning eyes, and unhappy lungs sent us running (very slowly) for enclosed spaces with more air to breathe, which in turn led us to go see Salt. I can't remember the last time we willingly went and saw (or rented, for that matter) a movie with Angelina Jolie in it. I must say though, I've increased my resolve to grow out my hair and keep it black. Now the question is, what do I wear to The Show? Anyone want to send me something spectacular and suitcase friendly? Anyone? Now, if you'll please excuse my evening gasping for air/coughing routine...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Have you ever accidentally tucked your top/dress/skirt in your underwear and kind of liked the way it looked when you noticed in the mirror? Yeah...I love these looks from the A/W 10/11 'Musterung' collection from German designer Agnes Schorer and Austrian designer Filip Fiska's label, Hartmann Nordenholz. Sigh. I really don't have enough greys in my closet. Or German-Austrian clothing.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In This Corner...Jinxed Armory

I just did a shoot with model Sharon TK & photographer Kencredible recently when I visited Philadelphia.  These pieces are brand new additions to my Jinxed collection.  We shot up at the old armory in Philadelphia that was built for the War of 1812.  There are over 50 historic buildings inside of this place.  The whole complex was built up over 150 years & now over half of it is decaying. 

The first picture was shot at the old Captains' Quarters.  Sharon is wearing a latex & mesh halter top with a ponte high waist skirt.  Then we made our way to the very back & shot at what I think were the old electrical buildings.  She is wearing a custom 18" under bust corset made of vintage military drab.


This gorgeous Corner is brought to you by Jessica Darwin, who's working on a new collection as we speak! Though I'm quite happy with the current Jinxed collection, which is still available for custom orders from Jessica. Thanks for sharing these new photos, Jessica!

FLIGHT, A short film

This gorgeous 16mm film by Gene Doe features mono's current FLIGHT series...which just happens to be 25% off right now in the monoshop...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dry the Rain

I, personally, love walking in the rain. As my future move back to the coast is yet at an undetermined date, I must settle for the ocean coming to me. And while one of my favorite summertime pieces of clothing in my younger days was a $5 plastic yellow rain coat, I've never seemed to purchase any adult raingear. Perhaps that's one reason why I gravitate to black clothing, for black still looks fabulous - and has an even greater slimming effect - when wet. Royal College of Art graduate Jane Bowler's 'Fusion' collection (found via Ecouterre), however, could be a great way to introduce some colour and some dryness to my rain walks. Jane created these stitch-free pieces out of recycled plastics, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese straw raincoats (yeah, I've never heard of such a thing either) and the British Mackintosh (...sorry, I don't know about that too...). Me likey. Though I think my coffee might still get soaked whilst walking in one of these 'coats'...