Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hand-dyed Spring

You know by now that I'm not all about trends and knowing what's 'in' this season. But if I were in charge of picking the next trend, it would be hand-dyed pieces in spring colours. In any materials. I don't want everyone looking the same, but it's just so gorgeous to look at.

Top: Hand dip-dyed Split Sweater by mydearthing
Middle left to right: (cotton) Couture Vest by ArtLab; Hand-dyed Rayon Strip Dress by Satoshi Date; (denim) Hand-dyed denim Vest by Attila Design (also see post below); 
Bottom: Hand-dyed silk Jacket/vest by Clarissa

And here's that Satoshi Date dress again. Because it's rather breathtaking.

My ideal sportswear

In preparation for this afternoon's epic gold medal hockey game between my country and our neighbour, I feel like I have to dress sporty or in red. Those two things don't really exist in my wardrobe (except for my red Björk concert tee), so I would pick this skirt to wear if I could get it here within the next two hours. It's hand-dyed sport wear perforated sport netting (see below for detailing). Only Tiina of Attila Design could work such wonders. Perhaps it's a good thing that it's too small for me. Sigh.

Go Canada!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I finally have an afternoon to myself to recoup from a stressful week. Yesterday at work I had a brilliant(-ish) idea for a short story, so methinks I shall go to Starbucks and do a little writing. I prefer to write drafts on paper, as I'm one of those people who crosses stuff out, writes in the margins, and has to have arrows going all over the page so I remember what goes where. I don't want to be wasteful, so I imagine I'll have enough 'raw material' to re-create a (aptly named) Prose A/W 09/10 'Crumpled Paper' dress after my writing session. Perhaps I'd be more successful in my writing if I wear my outfit that I have planned for tonight's fancy concert (ArtLab Star Trek Princess Dress and Bib No. 2 Noir, Vivienne Westwood pants and coat, and Toms Vegan Wrap boots). Sigh.

Thanks to Pour Porter for pointing me towards this lovely German label! I also love these pieces from the same collection. How big would the knitting needles have to be for that last piece?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Butterflysoulfire, A/W 10

This German label never disappoints. Love the clean look of the double-layered coats alongside the gorgeously draped tops, all in a barrage of black wool, modal, and jersey. If you just can't be bothered to go to Paris next weekend like me, you can view their virtual showroom in the here and now.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pre-Fall McQueen

How very odd that the very same day Lee McQueen is buried, I got my first bit of McQueen history. And for some reason I just saw the pre-fall 2010 collection, which I completely love. How sad.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And...back to drapey.

Speaking of dMajuscule (above) and Yohji (below), here are some pieces that would be more comfortable in my wardrobe...Sigh.

(All Yohji pieces available at Hervia Bazaar.)

And now for something completely different...

While my first dressing instinct is to reach for something loose and drapey (and hopefully something from Mandula), the chaotic last couple of shifts have mine eyes wanting some structure and clean lines. My mind has particularly been set on the new spring piece by ArtLab, a sharply tailored vest made out of men's suiting material (above left). I'm also quite keen on the crisp white button down shirt with asymmetrical sleeves (above right).

Then there's some fantastic Yohji Yamamoto pieces at the new online mecca, Hervia Bazaar (which I'm sure I'll talk more about - it just opened yesterday!). With these, you can get the clean front, unexpected details (i.e. double layered front on the black, detachable collar and hanging button length on the white), AND a drapey back. Sigh.

And then, bringing us to the next site of concentrated fashion worship, I heart these pieces by Milan-based dMajuscule. Is that alright?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mandula: The wardrobe of my dreams

You and I both thought I was done posting for the day. But I clicked on my 'Mandula' bookmark, as I do, and I was rewarded beyond my dreams (and I had a pretty good dream last night). Mandula, the absolutely fantastic Vancouver-based label from Hungarian-born designer Hajnalka Mandula, not only has a new collection, but now also has an online store. To be perfectly honest, I think my heart skipped a few beats when I flipped through the new gallery and shop. The new wares continue on Hajnalka's edgy, earthy, old-war esthetic, in all the fabrics and colours I love. And the pieces are designed to wear with each other, so my layering requirements are fulfilled in one beautiful place. Sigh. As I said before, this is a store where I would feel right at home in. Each piece is definitely worth every Canadian penny. By the way, if you had your eye on pieces from the previous collections that I had featured here, make sure you scroll to the bottom of each category in the store. You'll be rewarded as well.

If I were asked to pick, these would be my two favorite looks. But please, don't ask me to do that.