Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good read

Ahh, it's afternoons like this that are just the remedy for days like yesterday, where I just couldn't seem to get it right. After a lovely quick lunch with my man before he headed off to class, I got a good dose of Vitamin S(unshine) whilst walking to my local bookstore in my favorite outfit (ArtLab Oversized Revolutionary jacket, Maria Severyna wrap, Attila Design Sybil dress, black jeans and monochrome Chucks). After ordering myself my very first coffee in two whole months (!), I sat down and read through two delightful magazines. First off was POP, a UK mag that I've never ever picked up before. I must admit that when I saw the cover, I quickly grimaced and walk away, as on it was a certain 13-year-old blogger dressed up and wearing more make up than I was. But as I couldn't find another fashion mag to flip through, I swallowed my envy and picked up the large volume. And I must say, I think I'm going to subscribe to this mag. I'd seen a few of the editorial spreads before on other blogs, as this was the Fall/Winter issue (the Spring/Summer issue should be on shelves this week, at least in the UK). But this book is chock full of amazing photographs, featuring a lot of Maison Martin Margiela, and some Comme des Garçons. There are also some great albeit unexpected interviews, such as the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte interviewing scientists on the topic of stem cell research. I'm intrigued, and can't wait for the new issue.

This visually engaging read was followed by a very inspirational mag called Artful Blogging. This one is put out by the lovely folks at Stampington & Co., who bring us Belle Armoire, Altered Couture, and Where Women Create, all of which have featured my wonderful Irish friends from Bonzie. I've never read a magazine in which I can relate to nearly every article contained within. Although this publication is dedicated to blogs featuring the blogger's own art and (non-fashion related) photos, it contains a number of articles written by bloggers on their experiences with blogging. It was simply a pleasure to sip a delicious iced toffee nut latte and feel like I was in a room full of friends, as these women (yes, they're all women) all put into very eloquent words just how I feel about blogging. How it feels like a separate world full of 'imaginary friends', how it's basically an online diary that keeps me accountable to myself, how it stimulates my brain and keeps me creative, and how it's somehow become this important 'scrapbooking-like hobby' that balances out my life. Really, if you love blogging and don't know how to talk about it with your non-blogger friends, you should try to pick up an issue of this magazine.

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