Saturday, February 27, 2010


I finally have an afternoon to myself to recoup from a stressful week. Yesterday at work I had a brilliant(-ish) idea for a short story, so methinks I shall go to Starbucks and do a little writing. I prefer to write drafts on paper, as I'm one of those people who crosses stuff out, writes in the margins, and has to have arrows going all over the page so I remember what goes where. I don't want to be wasteful, so I imagine I'll have enough 'raw material' to re-create a (aptly named) Prose A/W 09/10 'Crumpled Paper' dress after my writing session. Perhaps I'd be more successful in my writing if I wear my outfit that I have planned for tonight's fancy concert (ArtLab Star Trek Princess Dress and Bib No. 2 Noir, Vivienne Westwood pants and coat, and Toms Vegan Wrap boots). Sigh.

Thanks to Pour Porter for pointing me towards this lovely German label! I also love these pieces from the same collection. How big would the knitting needles have to be for that last piece?

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