Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Children

Yesterday I was a hula girl. Today, I'm pretending I'm Lisbeth Salander (well, watching Noomi Rapace be Lisbeth Salander). Tomorrow, I'd like to be Shaina Mote. Or wearing Shaina Mote. I love every piece in this photo, and may go with the wildberry version of this cardigan for The Never-ending Cardigan Hunt. Although I suppose the 'never-ending' part would then be proved erroneous, thus throwing the basic tenets of the hunt into uncertainty. Perhaps I'm never meant to find The Cardigan. Ah well. At least I can be certain that a kid being a Newsie is the greatest Halloween costume I've ever seen (and I'm sure he doesn't even know what he is...).

Thursday, October 28, 2010

White Tent (...and Bohemia)

I've decided to tell you the story of my Tuesday night, even though I know one reader in particular will not be happy about it. Here it goes: My city is apparently not huge on the opera, so when La Bohème, one of the most frequently performed operas ever, comes to town, it's only for three nights. With rather scant advertising (and/or my lack of attentiveness towards advertising), and my only very recent discovery of my love of the opera, I was not aware of those three performances being this very week until Sunday afternoon. So, Tuesday after work and after my kitty sitting duties, I hurried back to my part of town to take in my second opera ever. I was really rather excited, as Carmen was so spectacular even just on a screen, and armed with a seasoned New Yorker's recommendation (and that of my practically-New Yorker friend), I was sure I'd love this one as well.

But I didn't. Perhaps it was sitting in the second balcony, or the rather poorly executed subtitles (I never knew who was singing, especially as I couldn't distinguish any facial features that would have indicated singing), or the fact that I had been up since 4:30 that morning. But really, I think it was the whole story line. If you're familiar with it, you'll know that it focuses on one couple, being Rodolfo and Mimi. However, the novel which the opera was based on was basically a series of short stories without a central plot. And the opera's Mimi is two separate women in the book. I know that this sort of adaptation can be done very well in theory (and in practice, ie. the incredible Jesus' Son). But when all you know is Metropolitan Opera quality entertainment with easy to follow subtitles and close-ups of expressive faces (not to mention some great costumes, perfect weather, great sound, green iced tea and apple slices, a gorgeous setting...), sometimes you just can't avoid disappointment. And sometimes you just have to be happy with reading Harry Potter for an hour beforehand with a glass mug of coffee and Bailey's in a lobby full of decked out opera fans.

Anywho, the photos here are from Lisbon-/Portugal-/London-based design collective White Tent, who, unlike La Bohème, rather exceeded my expectations. The first I had seen from the White Tent duo, being Evgenia Tabakova and Pedro Noronha-Feio, were these white little leather disc bags in The Shop (which I obviously am not fond of). Tonight, however, I was introduced to their wonderful world of clothing, which has this clean, simple, chic feel to it (especially the S/S 11 collection, above). New York worthy, even. Perhaps if I had been wearing a sparkly White Tent trench coat (below; from the A/W 10/11 collection) on Tuesday, it would've been just a tad magical. But perhaps I should just leave any future operas to future New York trips...

More Missing Piece(s)

This is Part Deux of the new mydearthing collection, for your viewing and wardrobe completing pleasure. I knew these new mydearthing Husband Tanks (above) were coming because I saw them when they were just yay high, hanging from the shower curtain rod and various other hanging places... These tops are not only very lovely (even when dripping wet), but are also one of a kind AND some feature hand printed patterns from nifty vintage textile blocks that like to keep a certain piano company. If I'm not making any sense, just know this: While the plum mushroom pleated silk chiffon one (top left) is particularly perfect when worn with black hair and black glasses, I'm sure you will love whichever one you pick. 

If you think it's a tad weird buying a thin tank when it's almost winter (though if you're here, I'm going to go ahead and assume you've been introduced to the wonderful world of layering), I'd definitely suggest getting one of the new mydearthing twisted cowl/necklace hybrids. I have a lot of cowls which tend to not get worn, as I don't realize how cold my neck is until I've done my hair and makeup, and both would be ruined if I tugged on a cowl at that stage in the game. But with this, you get to get ready without overheating and getting makeup on your cowl AND you get to be warm and look fabulous when you are...done getting ready. Genius. (I believe my particular one is a one of a kind colour combo, so, sorry, you'll have to pick your own colour on this one.)

And, speaking of layering, these mydearthing wool asymmetrical vests (in crimson, grey, and black) are awesome. Just when I thought I knew what I was going to order...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Che gelida manina

Though my spending money is spoken for (it was burning in my figurative pocket until the new mydearthing collection landed), there are still things that I would like. Such as this most gorgeous lingerie set (brief & braces, plus bra) from London-based designer Nichole de Carle's Onyx collection, which I have been drooling over since Queen Michelle posted it (though I could just do with the brief & braces, and pair it with my own black bra). 

Or these pieces from Amanda deLeon, which, yes, have been posted before, but are now on sale (as are some pieces from previous collections, which you have no reason to not snap up if you're a size 2-4). 

Or something warm from Mandula, especially as I've just received a coupon code for 20% off (this week only; type 'good bye' at the prompt). They would all go so well with the new mydearthing things. Not to mention my surprisingly delicious Delissio pizza, the hot cup(s) of the best coffee ever, and my toasty warm Eeyore slippers. Yes, Eeyore. Sometimes a Canadian girl just wants to be warm.

Monday, October 25, 2010

mydearthing, F/W 10

So, the last couple of days, I've been thinking of doing a kOs F/W 10 Essentials List. Every time I'm preparing my wardrobe for fall/winter, it seems like there are always a few key pieces that I'm missing - that one long sleeved layering piece, that one warm skirt, that one pair of warm pants, that one go-to sweater...And this afternoon seemed like the perfect time to compile the list, seeing as I woke up today to this winter's first snow (I know, I know, it's only October...). However, a brand new mydearthing collection was posted this very afternoon, and thus Lauren seems to have beaten me to the punch. You see, the collection is entitled the 'Missing Piece' collection. Honestly. If I didn't know better, I'd think that Lauren could read my mind. Because this collection contains every single essential I (and probably you) need this fall/winter, all in one convenient location (ie. one low shipping price!). 

I absolutely love how every single piece is utterly layerable, not only with the other pieces in the collection, but also with previous mydearthing collections and most non-mydearthing things in my wardrobe. For instance, the bamboo/organic cotton Ten Flip Slip (top left and right). I am lucky to be the very first recipient of this piece, and I'm telling you, it's a definite must for any layering fiend. I've worn this non-stop since my NY trip (both layered and not), and I really should be buying a second one. I love how it looks under the Carly Dress (top, 2nd row left), which Lauren is wearing here with a belt (as she also does with the Carly Top (top, 2nd row right) - genius!). If you're not into having a longer layer, I'd definitely go for the Y Back Tank (also made from bamboo/organic cotton; below in natural), which you see repeatedly throughout the photos of this collection (and rightly so).

I was also lucky to see the wool jersey Panel Skirt  (below, top row) developed, which I think looks absolutely fantastic with its long front panel twisted to the side. I'd definitely love to see this layered underneath the wool jersey/lycra blend Irregular Hem Dress (which I talk about below), and over top of the Wool Circle Seam Pants, which altogether would create some great colour blocking.

Then there are the always lovely knit pieces from Lauren, this time around being the perfect Crop Knit (below left), the gorgeous alpaca Drop Stitch Hooded Wrap (below right; this looks fantastic underneath Lauren's new thrifted Lisbeth Salander jacket, as seen in the Etsy listing), as well as a couple revamped winter accessories (which are yet to be posted on Etsy). Sigh.

My favorite pieces, however, are a complete surprise to me: the tissue-weight wool jersey/lycra blend Sheer Longsleeved Sweater (which is something that I've unknowingly been waiting for from Lauren; below, top left in black, and above right in grey), the boiled merino wool jersey Funnel Hoodie (a.k.a. best pullover ever; below, top right), the wool/cotton/lycra twill Over Tie Trousers (mydeathing pants!; below, 2nd row left in olive, above with the Y Back Tank in black), and the Irregular Hem Dress (seen here in crimson red overtop of the Wool Circle Seam Pants; below, 2nd row right). These pieces are so completely perfect, and again are pushing me towards a more minimalist look...with a bit of a twist.

From the length of this collection review, I think it'll be rather obvious that this is my most favorite mydearthing collection. Lauren has such a beautiful and effortless style, and that shines through more than ever with these new pieces. And I take comfort in knowing that, as always, all mydearthing pieces are lovingly handmade using organic, surplus, vintage, or reclaimed materials. Truly, even though I'll likely be buying more than I should from this collection, Lauren has done me quite the favour by posting this today of all days. Winter, I'm ready.

1/2 Ration, A/W 10

You just saw these 1/2 Ration pieces not too long ago, but I had to repost as I absolutely love these new photos. Sometimes there are no words needed for a handsome guy in a great scarfChristmas gift, anyone? (Sorry, but it's snowing use in putting off Christmas shopping any longer.)