Tuesday, October 5, 2010

McQueen, S/S 11

Originally I had said to myself (and a couple of others) that I wouldn't pay any heed to post-Lee Alexander McQueen. But curiosity got the best of me when I saw that Sarah Burton's first McQueen collection was shown in Paris today. And I am glad that I decided to click through the photos. Because I think the collection is exactly what fans of the McQueen label needed, as well as the label itself. Burton thankfully didn't decide to make the label completely her own, but instead paid a fitting tribute to Lee McQueen's last three collections with the shapes, patterns, colours, and make-up. And I'm relieved, to say the least, that she isn't big on runway shows being a theatrical production, as the fashion world had become accustomed to getting at a McQueen show; it goes without saying that it wouldn't have seemed right if she had tried to one-up or even match something like the S/S 10 presentation. Also, it seemed rather hopeful, with a recurring nature theme of butterflies, flora, and feathers, with not one skull in sight. Sure, I don't expect my jaw to ever drop at the sight of a new McQueen-labelled garment, or to be absolutely baffled by how it's constructed, or for my heart to nearly stop when in the presence of such. Nonetheless, these are still beautiful pieces of clothing, inspired by one of the greatest designers we'll ever see. So thank you, Miss Burton.

(Photos via Style.com)

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