Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ivan Grundahl

When I was in junior high, I had the requisite embarrassingly bad skin. I remember on a particular weekend youth trip, in which we stayed at a prison for one night of all things, I thought my skin would look better if I were wearing a facial mask than going bare faced. And so, as soon as I had picked my bunk and put on my pj's, I slathered on some mud and went socializing until bedtime with all the other 'cellmates'. It did the trick - I felt oddly comfortable hiding behind a product that screamed I had skin in need of a product. If only I had known the immense power of the NYC subway station facial, I would've run away from junior high and my dry northern abode long ago.

Anyway, Danish designer Ivan Grundahl's S/S 11 runway look would've been my best friend back then, though I'm much more ready for the clothing now (though I think I'd pair them with some red plaid Dr. Martens...). I could've sworn that I had already posted something from Ivan, but searching my blog tells me otherwise, and the Googles knows all. Perhaps it's this look below that just jogged my memory, as it bears quite a resemblance to a couple of the Junya Watanabe looks from my favorite collection of last season.

And speaking of jogging my memory, can someone please please please put me out of my misery and tell me who this coat is by (photo via Fashion156)? I had my fingers all over this 15-pounder sleeve when I saw it at the IF Boutique, and I know that it was hanging on the left near the front of the store with the Comme des Garçons and Junya Watanabe pieces, but I can't find any evidence on the Internets as to who it belongs to. If you find out for me, I'll reward you with an interview with the newest (and best coiffed) addition to the world of New York fashion...

IF also carries Ivan Grundahl by the way. Hmm...

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