Sunday, October 24, 2010

Henry Rollins on KCRW

I woke up this cold and cloudy morning with a sudden desire to work on my masterpiece, which I have not touched for who knows how long. However, I also had the sudden desire to see Henry Rollins live again, and so I included his website in my morning surfing, and I subsequently got completely distracted from doing work of any kind (it is my day off anyway...). You see, I somehow had no idea that Henry Rollins semi-frequently does a show on LA-based radio station KCRW. Also, I had never heard of Fela Kuti before. And so, for the last hour I have been listening to Henry's '#85' broadcast from last Saturday, which is built around six fantastic Fela tracks (which were described by Fela himself as 'Afrobeat'), as well as some gems from the likes of Joy Division (one of my utmost favorite bands, which always makes me feel that I was born about 21 years too late...), The Jesus and Mary Chain, Dylan, Kraftwerk, and other bands/artists I'm just being introduced to. I hope this brightens up your gloomy Sunday afternoon as much as it has mine.

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