Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best news ever

Though I have to admit I couldn't resist the napping power of the gorgeous sunbeam on my bed for a few mintues, I've been glued to the live feed of the rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners. As I'm writing, there's just one more miner to be freed. I tend not to write about news stories and current events in general, since such things are just too depressing most of the time. But this has got to be the most heartwarming (real) event that I can remember. I think this picture says it all. This little girl was so brave waiting for her father to finally surface, and I'll not soon forget watching her expressive face after being woken from my sunlit slumber to Spanish cheering. And I'm sure these 33 will enjoy the sun even more than me. Welcome back to the fresh air!

(Photo via Yahoo News)

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