Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tie-Dyed Dreams

I think this gorgeous dress by (the University of Applied Arts Vienna's Modeklasse) fashion student Lisa Tritthart also fits the joyous mood right now. I saw this dress way back in June on ASOVF and wanted to post it, but it took a while to identify who the actual designer was, and then another while to get my hands on a photo that I actually had permission to post... I think the wait was entirely worth it though, seeing as this is the perfect piece for today, with its non-mine colours and wonderful draping that makes you feel the breeze and smell the ocean just by looking at it (I highly suggest zooming in on this photo). This dress was Lisa's entry for a presentation of pieces at the Show Angewandte 10 that were inspired by either (good) dreams or nightmares. Also, each piece had to be created by a tie-dyed square of fabric. I'm not entirely sure what nighttime world she had in mind while creating this piece (especially with the Pan's Labyrinth-ish headpiece), but I'm going to make the executive decision and say that it looks like a lovely world. Because really, who isn't happy in tie-dye? 

Now, what was I saying about minimalism?

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