Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Che gelida manina

Though my spending money is spoken for (it was burning in my figurative pocket until the new mydearthing collection landed), there are still things that I would like. Such as this most gorgeous lingerie set (brief & braces, plus bra) from London-based designer Nichole de Carle's Onyx collection, which I have been drooling over since Queen Michelle posted it (though I could just do with the brief & braces, and pair it with my own black bra). 

Or these pieces from Amanda deLeon, which, yes, have been posted before, but are now on sale (as are some pieces from previous collections, which you have no reason to not snap up if you're a size 2-4). 

Or something warm from Mandula, especially as I've just received a coupon code for 20% off (this week only; type 'good bye' at the prompt). They would all go so well with the new mydearthing things. Not to mention my surprisingly delicious Delissio pizza, the hot cup(s) of the best coffee ever, and my toasty warm Eeyore slippers. Yes, Eeyore. Sometimes a Canadian girl just wants to be warm.

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