Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LoveCarpet, S/S 11

The Googles must be broken, or at least in bed with a cold, because I was sure that I had written about Adel Kovacs before (because I did!), and yet my search box yielded 'No Results' to all but one Adel-related search term. Ah well. All that matters is: Adel (being the designer behind Hungarian label LoveCarpet and connected with that magical k e p p showroom) has a lovely new collection (S/S 11) with pieces (in my second favorite colour) which require a second look and yet also seem familiar. Hence why I like it even though me and chalk dust don't get along, and hence why Adel is featured on the 'cover' of NJAL this week. Here are my favorite pieces from the collection:

The leggings/skirt hybrid. No big deal.

This silhouette reminds me of the ethereal Cate Blanchett in that gold studded McQueen dress.

If I had to re-enact one of my elementary track and field days set in a lingerie store, this would be my outfit.

I've grown partial to this shape because of the cg Wave T, and I'm intrigued by pairing it with a slimmer skirt (or a leggings/skirt hybrid) on the bottom.

By the way, do kids even know what chalk dust is these days?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mandula, Gallery 7

"Gallery 7?", you say. "But shouldn't we be at Gallery 11?" Yes, you are quite right. But I should have a new bookshelf that isn't shattered into pieces too, so here we are. Normally I would post basically the enitre gallery when a new one shows up on the Mandula site, but this time Hajnalka went for more of an artistic approach to the photographs, which I find doesn't showcase the pieces as well as I'd hope (see above). Also, the prices are more heart-wrenching than normal with my resolve to spend as little as possible on new clothes, not to mention wanting to get rid of the bulk of my wardrobe. So, instead this post is solely dedicated to my newest dream outfit, featuring the Mandula Sheer Metallic/Linen Jacket ($795), the Mandula Linen Subtle Harem Pant ($470), and (I think) the Mandula Cotton Tank Top ($87). Sigh.

Clear The Bar, Volume 1

One unfortunate thing about the last few weeks of living like a nomad is that I've only had a minute here and there to scour the Internets to find stuff to blog about. This has resulted in scores of bookmarks without any attached notes on just what I was thinking when I bookmarked a certain site/designer/piece. So this here is a mix tape of sorts that in no way follows the rules set out by Rob Gordon. I simply need to clean up my bookmarks bar and start fresh this week. Just like with my apartment, really. As soon as I get up off the couch (yes! I do have a couch now!), I will start tackling the mammoth project entitled Operation: Unpack the Countless Garbage Bags of Clothing and Fill Some Back Up In The Process. Meaning that I simply must get rid of some clothing. Expect to see some new listings in my shop soon. IYI, the current listings have all had their prices dropped. If I don't get rid of at least one garbage bag of clothing through the mail, it's going the normal route of filled garbage bags...

Track 1: Love love love these A/W 11/12 looks by Ukrainian designer, Lera Pechenaya (found via NJAL, photos via Ukrainian Fashion Week).

Track 2: "Do you like Coke? I like the idea of it more than I actually like it." (COMEFORBREAKFAST's S/S 11 collection)

Track 3: I hate when lookbooks are posted like this, as I'd prefer to see one picture at a time for more detail. This is from a collection inspired by 'the parabolic movements of heavenly bodies throughout the night sky' from Aussie-born, UK-based designer Kate Williams.

Track 4: I would want this dress from Swedish label Noir & Blanc (from designers Linnéa Carlgren and Petra Thoms) if it weren't made of a polyester blend.

Track 5: See Track 2 (Stephanie Grace Foy's A/W 11/12 collection)

Track 6: Not big on white lingerie, but I like these designs from Polish designer Anna K, especially as they're inspired by the Moscow Subway System. I miss the subway in NY.

Track 7: As if I want to see more snow, but the photos for French designer Lilly Marthe Ebener's (handmade, 100% natural alpaca wool blend) F/W 11/12 collection are rather breathtaking, including random non-fashion shots of wolves and whatnot. I'm going to start reading White Fang as soon as I've completed this mix tape.

Track 8: Belgian designer Johan Åkesson has finally answered the often-asked question: 'What do I carry my house plants around in?' IYI, that red is the exact shade of my new 20-some-year-old sectional couch. Awesome.

Track 9: Hey Raphaëlle Limi, leave a little texture for the rest of us, eh?

Track 10: Ever since getting the mono Scarf Dress, I've been seeing Tyvek used more and more, such as by Polish label/project UEG.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blondes and Beaches

This is essentially a re-post of Susie Bubble's post yesterday, but these designers and pieces intrigued me so much that I needed to both see better photos and subsequently share them with you. It's also (finally!) moving-back-in day AND the day on which my man and I legally became a couple, so I thought a quick yet pretty post would be the best way to go on this cold and blustery day. The above pieces are from the A/W 11/12 collection of Serguei Teplov, which was presented at Moscow's non-fashion-week fashion week, known as Cycles and Seasons. I'm told that Serguei is one of the most famous Russian designers, which makes sense with these designs which look so comfy yet so classy at the same time. I must also say that I completely love this muted colour palette, though that could probably go without saying if you've seen my back. 

Below is a look from the A/W 11/12 collection of Russian designer Lena Vasilyeva, who also showed at C&S. If I could have my way right now and be back on the beach on which we got legally married,  would be wearing this.

(Photos via

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SHIN, F/W 11

So, silly me, I thought that last night would be the end of my nomadic two weeks. However, we arrived home (?) to both a building and an apartment that smells like death*, which makes me wonder a) for whom the extermination chemicals are really meant, and b) why we haven't moved yet. Sigh. It was a good decision on my part any to leave my dear Viv jacket at my parents', where she has lived in safekeeping for the last two weeks. Well, it was actually a non-decision, as I simply forgot to grab her along with my nicely laundered bedding and clothing (which now all smell like death) before returning to what I thought would be a nice couple hours of unpacking before bed. 

Anyway, the one good thing that happened last night was a wee little email from my friends over at SHIN, who were kind enough to fulfill my request for their F/W 11 lookbook after seeing a preview on their website. Let me tell you, each and every one of these are pieces I'd gladly (but only momentarily) part with and send over to my parents' to keep ol' Viv company if it meant keeping them smelling fresh (i.e. not like death), thus allowing me to be both aesthetically and olfactorily pleasing to any passersby. Though I would be the most stylish nomad if I did wear them in the interim (i.e. while I'm in home limbo). And, having all the windows and doors open to air the place out does require a few warmer layers, of which I'm out of at the moment with my wardrobe sadly still in garbage bags...



Oh you delightful things, I could never put you in garbage bags...

*Please, I beg of you, do not associate SHIN with any odor less lovely than your favorite smell. Or garbage bags, for that matter. It is rather unfortunate that the F/W 11 lookbook reached me at such a time that my random musings would pair the smell of death with anything from Shinwon. Especially as I've been dreaming of owning my own SHIN piece since I first discovered the label, and even more so after seeing some SHIN leggings on my lovely NY host. So yes, think freshly cut wood, freshly cut grass, freshly baked bread, freshly opened original Skittles, freshly shone sunshine, freshly salted ocean...