Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gallery 10

As the smoke seems to finally be clearing, and my fear of having to survive the rest of my life on canned food has abated, I had the feeling that today in particular I would find something amazing to post. So here it is: the new Mandula collection. In other words, it's going to be okay. But if you're still worried, it looks like Hajnalka has the face masks covered. Ah, methinks February is looking like a good time to finally visit Vancouver again. Hopefully I'll have recovered financially from my NYC trip by then. And yes, I'll likely mention my trip many times before I leave. My eight day vacation is nearly fully booked with all sorts of adventures, and so it's hard to think of anything else (besides the question of how long my stuff will smell like a campfire). But don't worry, I'll likely be taking a blogging break the whole time I'm gone, as I'm too frightened to take my beautiful lap top with me...

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