Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Banana jeans

Somehow I just realized that in less than a month, I'm turning 27, not 26. Hmm. I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that I'm getting rather close to 30 without having an established career (or even a hint of what I'd want to do for a career), or the fact that I basically still live like an undergraduate student. And by 'basically', I mean that I do. On the other hand, I'm liking the fact that I can make decisions that benefit myself, just as if I was all grown up. Not that I wasn't capable of making decisions in my early 20s, but it seems like I know more of what I want and am able to take advice and tips from those around me to make me feel better about...being me. Take the make-up thing for instance. I mentioned that on the advice of a new hair stylist, I went to MAC for the first time and told the girl there what I was looking for without really knowing what I meant. No more than 15 minutes later, I walked out with two small pots of eyeshadow and a brush that have subtly changed the look I'd had for the last 10 years, and yet succinctly completed the look I've been going for without knowing how to go about it in a low maintenance way. 

The second decision and change I've made just today concerns jeans. Jeans have been the bane of my shopping existence for the last few years because of - get ready for a homophone - my genes. For some reason the changing trends in jean styles has not seemed to correlate in any way with my changing shape. Skinny jeans came too late in the game for me, and high-waisted jeans somehow no longer seem to work comfortably. But today I had an epiphany - boyfriend jeans! Yes, I know these have probably been out of style for days/weeks/months now, but I could not care less. These things are entirely comfortable, fit perfect up top even though they're a low rise, are from my favorite denim brand in my undergrad days (Mavi), and remind me of those comfy jeans I wore as a kid...without the pleats. It also helps that they were 30% off because they're now out of season. So sorry New York if I offend you with outdated jeans, as this is what I'm arriving in. Though I will be on the lookout for these new Vivienne Westwood Anglomania/Lee unisex jeans. I would feel very tempted to roll the heck out of those cuffs, but I just can't get enough of the low crotch, perfect wash, and the train conductor back that reminds me of some Alexander McQueen men's pants that I once bid for on eBay. Perhaps I can find a pair on sale in time for my 28th birthday...

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