Sunday, August 1, 2010

Obsolete World

Before I moved out and and became all grown up, my family and I lived in three different houses. The first I don't remember at all because I was just a baby. The second house I don't remember either except for one memory: When I was sad and feeling like the whole world was against my three-year old self, I would go down the staircase and cry on the bottom step. Since then I've wanted a two-story house of my own, so that I could sit on the bottom stair and feel comforted whenever need be. If that house ever comes into existence, I'm going to cover the staircase wall with framed prints from Jeannie Paske's Obsolete World. Jeannie's illustrations (and titles of such) are so emotional and heart-wrenching, but beautiful at the same time. I've gone through her shop quite a few times, and so I almost feel like I'm now a part of this other world that Jeannie has created, and am distant friends with it's now familiar inhabitants. Also, each time I visit, I pick out different favorites, depending on the colour I'm drawn to that day, or if I feel like being alone or in need of some company. So the few prints I've chosen here would probably be different if I posted this tomorrow. Let's hope that staircase wall is big...

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