Monday, August 16, 2010

Dry the Rain

I, personally, love walking in the rain. As my future move back to the coast is yet at an undetermined date, I must settle for the ocean coming to me. And while one of my favorite summertime pieces of clothing in my younger days was a $5 plastic yellow rain coat, I've never seemed to purchase any adult raingear. Perhaps that's one reason why I gravitate to black clothing, for black still looks fabulous - and has an even greater slimming effect - when wet. Royal College of Art graduate Jane Bowler's 'Fusion' collection (found via Ecouterre), however, could be a great way to introduce some colour and some dryness to my rain walks. Jane created these stitch-free pieces out of recycled plastics, taking inspiration from traditional Japanese straw raincoats (yeah, I've never heard of such a thing either) and the British Mackintosh (...sorry, I don't know about that too...). Me likey. Though I think my coffee might still get soaked whilst walking in one of these 'coats'...

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