Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nice to meet you (again), Gary Graham

So, the other day, in order to get my mind off of my favorite ex-neighbourhood (and very confused) kitty (who might actually now live just two doors down from me!), I went on a short shopping trip for a zippered bag to accompany me on my day trips in New York. For some reason I decided to venture into Gravity Pope's clothing store, just for fun. Though I knew I wouldn't be able to find a bag there for under $300, I thought I'd amuse myself with looking through some high end clothing, since I know they carry some MM6, Christopher Kane, fifth avenue shoe repair, and so on. It seemed though that every piece I pulled out that immediately interested me from the side view was from the same label, being a guy's name that I didn't recognize and couldn't remember after leaving the store. So today I thought I'd glance through the list of brands on their website and recalled that that label was Gary Graham. It seems like my eyes and hands have better memory than my actual brain, as I've already blogged about Gary's Fall 2010 collection before. So really, that pointless visit to Gravity Pope was a good idea, as I've now been re-acquainted with this collection which I'd wear constantly if given the chance. I just can't get enough of these colours and textures all jumbled together. And, now I have a new shop on my must-visit list for my trip. Here's hoping at least one piece will be slightly affordable at Gary's boutique as it won't have that customs and shipping fee added to the price tag... Sigh.

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