Monday, November 30, 2009

Beginning of the End

Today marks the long-awaited (by me anyway) opening of End, an online shop based in Finland, which carries small Finnish labels and indie Finnish designers, including a small selection from MMM by Maria Matintytär Maattola (above pieces). Every piece is available in an extremely limited number, and will ship everywhere - so please don't buy all of the brown pocket pants before I can!

(Above two pieces by KAKSITVÅ; all photos via End)

Some more Rad-ness

I was just informed by Haute Macabre that Rad Hourani, designer of that gorgeous transforming jacket I posted about below, is Canadian. And so perhaps I should not assume that others know more about him than I do, and instead showcase some more of his amazing work. At the top is perhaps my favorite, being a rigid dress to drapey vest piece, with a gorgeous back cut-out. And below is a blazer using that same rigid-to-drapey style from the jacket of the previous post (also available as a sleeveless tunic).

Oh, and remember those Layered Trousers I was drooling over eons ago? Well here is a slightly more androgynous version, which I would love to don.

I need to save up my pennies for next time I make it to Montreal, as all these pieces are available at Reborn. Although I may not be able to afford the apple and brie crepes with maple syrup every day I'm there then.

(Photos via Reborn)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wardrobe as History

I just read a rather sad article by Jean Nathan in the December (US) Vogue about trying to discover who the woman was behind a blue tulle-and-sequin dress (as well as a collection of gorgeous dresses) on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although the woman, Thelma Chrysler Foy, had been in Vogue in 1941, both the curator of the exhibit and the woman's own granddaughter didn't seem to know much about Foy. After some digging, it turns out that Foy was "a socialite of pluperfect taste, who amassed a matchless array of possessions as well as clothing," and who perhaps was not entirely happy with her role. However, with her death in 1957 and the auctioning off of her grand possessions, Foy obviously quickly faded from public memory. As Nathan writes, "I had fantasized a perfect - and perfectly fulfilling - life for this sparkling swan. Perhaps she had fantasized the same for herself, and believed that dress - all the dresses - would get her there."

This article makes me have four separate thoughts. First of all, I wonder whether fashion blogging is being used as or will become a direct/indirect instrument for some to ensure they and their possessions are remembered in posterity. Secondly, I do hope that I don't ever think owning certain dresses/clothes will bring me fulfilling life (although they do help some days seem more fulfilling!). Thirdly, I wonder if anyone would want to find out who the person was that owned my clothes once I'm gone. And lastly, if I found some motivation and got my own label started, I'd love to have the tag inside each piece be a fabric version of an old-school library card, where one could sign and date each time they wore the piece, to provide a history for both the piece and the wearer. What do you think?

Photos via Bonzie's Flickr of my 2nd ever purchase from Bonzie, a custom-ordered romantic and tattered bolero with "Memories..." embroidered on the right arm (above), to match my 1st ever purchase from Bonzie, a custom-ordered pair of tattered spats to wear over flats (below). Fitting, are they not?

Comme des Garçons? Yes, please!

I'm afraid my previous post could end up getting me in a heap of trouble. After fulfilling my duties as Christmas present purchaser and editor this afternoon, I've been browsing the likes of Yoox and eBay to see what's around from my newest favorite designers. And it didn't take long for me to find the most perfect cardigan ever: a Comme des Garçons heavy knit, double breasted, twisted to perfection sweater. Sigh indeed. This would look right at home with just about everything in my ever expanding wardrobe.

Mano Cornuta

I just received an email from Robin Adams' lovely Brooklyn-based jewelry company called Bittersweets NY, whose aim "is making something exquisite out of the everyday objects and designs that are taken for granted. Why reinvent the wheel?" Now, you all know that I am not a jewelry person, unless it's made of textiles (with the exception of my wedding ring of course - and there are some lovely Bittersweets wedding/engagement ring options if you're in the market). And I am also not, I repeat, NOT a fan of all the vampire mania going on as of late. Oh, and maggots make me squeamish. These cabinet handles from the 'housewares' category, however, caught my eye on the Bittersweets website, as I am a metal girl at heart. I blame it on my man. I think I shall go watch Metal: A Headbanger's Journey now.

Ooo, and I also love the 10ft long pearl Rapunzel Necklace, possibly because of the convertible/layering elements, and because I'm still thinking about Coco avant Chanel...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Expensive tastes

Just as a warning, as a result of my recent read through of Skin+Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture, I have some new obsessions that are not of the typical indie designer variety found here. Namely, I have now latched onto the wagons of Hussein Chalayan, Comme des Garçons, Maison Martin Margiela, and Yohji Yamamoto, at least for dreaming/DiY purposes. I've also recently become obsessed with Gareth Pugh who was not in the book, but is also a genius. So, while the focus of my blog is of course still on indie designers and handmade clothing, I may be slightly increasing the scope to contain the limited collections of these more well-known, high-end fashion names as well. In other words, please don't hate me if I periodically post a couple more unattainable pieces than in the past. Some creations are just too beautiful to ignore. Also, I have a feeling that some of the indie designers I feature will eventually join the ranks of the above mentioned names, and so there's not too big of a gap between these two worlds.

Above are some expensive (but on sale!) Maison Martin Margiela 1 gloves, which would go lovely with my new Toms wrap boots, and are also available in black.

What I should be wearing today

ArtLab Star Trek Princess Dress in black (layered over my black Buffalo skinny jeans) + mydearthing Fingerful Warmers (I've seriously worn them with everything since I got them!) + my green scarf (pictured a year ago in Montreal, pre-awesome hair cut and fringe) + Toms Vegan Wrap Boots

However, I am missing the key element in this outfit, and so I shall substitute the dress with my staple tops of the week, being my complexgeometries two-face dress layered over my complexgeometries lanky t. Such is life.

P.S. The Toms boots are amazing!!! And they arrived sans UPS within 2 days of ordering.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Rad Rad

Thanks to Gareth and Sumie, and my reacquaintance with the wonder that is Alexandra Groover, my quest for the perfect jacket has now re-surfaced. And so this Rad Hourani jacket is looking pretty good to me right now...Do any of the above mentioned designers want my mailing address? Anyone?

(Photos via Reborn)

Osklen high tops

I was just introduced the other day by Jaana to Oskar Metsavaht's label, Osklen. While she focused on the new summer 2010 collection, it's the current winter collection that caught my eye. There's plenty of draping and layering to appease my wardrobe wants if ever I was to come upon piles of money (examples below). Nonetheless, it's the shoes that would make it through my door first. I've loved Converse high tops ever since I met my man wearing his. However, I'm not keen on supporting the label anymore since Nike bought them out. I would definitely be keen on wearing these though, as they're the lovely deconstructed and distant Scandinavian/Brazilian cousin (three times removed) of my once favorite shoe. Sigh.

Dietrich, S/S 10

Handmade/indie designed lingerie is the one thing that I have yet to convince my credit card to purchase. Which really seems silly, because if I can justify spending $150 on a top I'll wear maybe once a week, why not the same amount on a bra that I'd wear whenever handwashing and drip drying would permit? I believe I've stumbled upon a conundrum here, especially as I do love myself a pretty piece of lingerie for form or function. And I quite clearly hate going to the mall when my bras start disintegrating. Anyway, methinks I need to find out where I can get my hands on these new S/S 10 pieces by Frederika Cook's lingerie label, Dietrich. I love my high-waisted underwear for coverage, but those high-in-front but not-in-back bottoms are lovely. As are the lacey shorts. Sigh.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Le Sigh

Remember my newest dream outfit from Sumie Tachibana? Well, the spats/leg warmers have now sold, but the insanely gorgeous jacket and skirt (below) are now available in her Etsy shop. This truly pains me, as they are both one of a kind items, and thus of course are too small for me. They also have a wee bit of leather. Sigh. I simply can't get over that jacket. Did you notice the double puffed sleeves? Genius.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boots and capes

If I hadn't just ordered myself a pair of Toms Vegan Wrap Boots (yes, I had to cave and pay regular price, since they suddenly weren't available after ordering them off Amazon), I would be quite tempted to buy these cuties. These are by 80%20 and are 100% wool upper, canvas lining and insole, and rubber crepe sole. Ooo, and military gold buttons. They're also available in black on Sigh.

In other shopping news, that glorious Gemma Degara caped top that was on Pixie Market is now available in black or blue in the Etsy shop. Instead of being a size small, the description on Etsy says it's size 'U', or universal. Does that mean it would fit me?

Edit: I am told by the lovely Cristina that the Gemma Degara top is oversized and measures 50 cm shoulder to shoulder, so it's more of a size medium.