Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ruffle therapy

I really really really want to rant and rave about how horrible malls are and how much I utterly loathe mass-produced clothing. Really. All I will say is, next time a bra falls apart, I will strongly consider simply mail ordering the most similar one from Victoria's Secret, and hope that it fits. Or perhaps I should order an elastic bra from Patricia Ayres, as I know I'll at least feel fabulous and secure (I think she's taken it down from her shop, so, sorry, no link). In the meantime, I need some ruffles to calm me down. The 1st photo is via DeSmitten, and I have absolutely no idea what it is or where it's originally from. But the mall would've redeemed itself slightly if I had found this lovely piece. The 2nd photo is Bonzie's winterized version of the Le Coquette Ruffled Scarf. And the 3rd photo is a hood-less hoodie from rose la biche's new winter collection.

Okay, I'm a bit better now. Perhaps I should purchase those Gemma Degara ruffled gloves...

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