Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tricia Hoke

Amazing find through the Favorites list of fellow Etsyian, mydearthing. These gorgeous pieces come from the 2009 Signature Collection of Denver-based designer, Tricia Hoke. The custom made pieces are on the pricey side, but most do fall into the convertible or "morphing" category, meaning you're making a good investment in procuring yourself a few wearable art looks for the price of one. And the details in all these pieces are just incredible. According to Tricia's website, this collection "was an introspection on matrimony...with series of interlocking rings passing thru tubes, and [her] searching for a way to connect with nature using the natural element of wood." For example, those balls in the first black dress are wooden beads tied into the dress between layers! I do believe Tricia has attained her goal of creating a collection that showcases fashion as art, and yet is wearable for years to come. Sigh.

By the way, that grey 'purse' in the 3rd photo? It can morph into a hood, top, or dress. Don't believe me? Click here, and look at the photo below. This piece just might cause me to lose sleep. And when paired with Tricia's 'not so knit top'! Perhaps my new favorite outfit, and a new item for My Top 3 Want List. Again, sigh.

Edit: Make sure Tricia is in your bookmarks, as her new collection will be coming out next February/March!

(Photos via Tricia's Etsy shop and website)

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