Monday, November 30, 2009

Some more Rad-ness

I was just informed by Haute Macabre that Rad Hourani, designer of that gorgeous transforming jacket I posted about below, is Canadian. And so perhaps I should not assume that others know more about him than I do, and instead showcase some more of his amazing work. At the top is perhaps my favorite, being a rigid dress to drapey vest piece, with a gorgeous back cut-out. And below is a blazer using that same rigid-to-drapey style from the jacket of the previous post (also available as a sleeveless tunic).

Oh, and remember those Layered Trousers I was drooling over eons ago? Well here is a slightly more androgynous version, which I would love to don.

I need to save up my pennies for next time I make it to Montreal, as all these pieces are available at Reborn. Although I may not be able to afford the apple and brie crepes with maple syrup every day I'm there then.

(Photos via Reborn)

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