Monday, July 6, 2009

All's fair in love and fashion

Well, another lovely email in my inbox has added even more temptation to rack up those credit card charges. Whilst listening to MJ for the last 2 hours (I led a very sheltered childhood, so I have about 45 years of music to catch up on!), I've been oogling and doing calculations in my head on almost every piece NJAL's The Shop. Of course the most affordable of my favorites has sold, but that has not quite deterred me. For curiosity's sake (and possibly driven by MJ), I wandered into the menswear section. And, my goodness, these Layered Trousers by Ethosens are seriously delightful! The mix of comfy cotton lounging pants and the bottom half of a men's suit jacket/coat is absolute genius, and definitely quirky enough for my sometimes odd layering sensibilities. I know the stylish men out there should get this instead of me, but the July collection has been up for 6 days now, so I think it's fair game! Now, how do I go about finding out what my men's size would be?

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