Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Salvaged Barbie hand therapy

Since the moment I saw Margaux Lange's delightfully creepy Barbie-part jewelry (description: 'Re-Membering Barbie Fondly'!), I looked at each listing with a covetous eye. For some reason though, the foremost thought in my head is always "This would be the perfect piece for my sister." I've never purchased her anything from Margaux's shop, however, as the prices for the pieces I'd want her to wear are far beyond our typical $50 gift limit. 

Today, however, I saw the perfect piece for me. Perhaps because I just got handed the ugliest duty/tax bill from my lovely mailman, and so I feel the dangling blood drop perfectly symbolizes the pain I felt whilst handing my credit card over. True, the fee was for the most wonderful piece to grace my doorstep (more on it later I'm sure), but the pain is still there. This necklace, the price of which is almost equivalent to said bill, could perhaps take the pain away. But only if I could acquire it free of charge. Dream on, right? Sigh.

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