Saturday, July 4, 2009

Information bulletin

1) You may have noticed my name has changed on the side by my picture, and below each post. My name is still Steff in fact. However, to match my URL, Etsy user name and ebay user name, my blog name is now Buffy Leigh. Not far off from my real name, however. When I was very young, I apparently did not like 'Stefanie', so I named myself Buffy. No relation to the Slayer. And Leigh is my middle name.

2) My blog name is a play on the words 'cacophony of silence', a name my husband made up for an uncreated band. I've adopted it for my future clothing label (if I ever get the motivation), and re-spelled it using only letters from my actual name. The capitalized letters (SKO) are my initials (with my maiden and married name). The more you know...

3) I love love love this. I have a lot of fun oogling the quite frequent new listings in the Attila Design Etsy shop. Everything is so elaborate and the shop as a whole is incredibly diverse in the pieces offered. However, a lot of leather is used in her pieces, and so I rarely find something I could buy unaltered.

But this is gorgeous, convertible in length, leather free, AND feeds my love of Renaissance art. Pretty affordable too, but such is life...

Oh! And I've extended my sale in my shop until Monday, just to match up with my work schedule. Cheers!

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