Saturday, July 11, 2009


While still high on my new ArtLab (yes, I'm still wearing it), I was so excited to be introduced by fashion156 to a Canadian label, complexgeometries. How I didn't know about it before escapes me. It has so many things I'm crazy about: works with 100% cotton jersey (and silk), has drapey pieces with endless styling possibilities, and is locally produced in Canada. I must say that there aren't too many pieces that I'd personally rush to order, especially as many of the colours and sizes of the available S/S 09 collection are sold out. And there aren't really heaps of A/W 09 pieces that I'm going to try and order as soon as they're in cg's shop (although I do adore these loose grey dresses below). However, this is definitely a label that I need to keep an eye out for, especially as it's fairly affordable (except for the silk pieces, that is).

And since I'm looking at cozy monochrome autumnal pieces, I thought I'd post this grey gem I found last night on NJAL. From Jacqueline Marbach's A/W 08 collection, this is quite possibly the loveliest sweater/cape I have ever seen. Are you seeing those cuffs and ruffles?!! I'm pretty sure I'd wear this almost every day of our 9 months of cold weather. I may have to contact Jacqueline...

edit: How ironical - whilst doing laundry today, I picked up my mom's August 2009 Elle Canada, and who do I see featured on page 34 but complexgeometries! Elle comments that the "simple cotton-and-jersey tops and dresses...require a little homework: Many of the pieces drape and fold into a variety of silhouettes - like fashion origami." And how.

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