Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm my own worst enemy

I'm a bit perplexed at the moment as to why I have not jumped on the jodphur bandwagon yet after I saw a pair I liked. It's been true summer weather the past few days and I have exhausted my limited pre-laundry day supply of light summer dresses/skirts (why are all my clothes layered and so damn heavy???). And I do not wear shorts. Curses. I think I have simply become too impatient with shopping that involves more than a couple of clicks, courtesy of my Etsy addiction. Scouring the web for the most detailed pics available, and then emailing to reach the correct live person, and then emailing some more for product and sizing info, and then waiting for a reply and then an invoice...I work against myself sometimes. So now I have no lovely jodhpurs coming my way (and no Layered Trousers, which I gave up on to get said jodhpurs, and then again when the exchange became worse). And I'm cranky.

My clicking finger is also getting itchy. This resolve to spend no more money is a tad harsh. I don't even want to shell out $10.99 for a UK Vogue, which would provide me with hours of entertainment. I do however want to shell out the sale price of 65 Euros for the only piece of clothing I've found available for a few clicks from butterflysoulfire, being the unisex knit cardigan above. I heart them. But then again, that wouldn't solve my no-hot-weather-clothing problem, would it? Sigh.

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