Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Alexandra Groover, please.

So, having learnt that Alexandra Groover's newest collection (S/S 10) is quite far off from reaching these eyes, I will console myself with my usual perusing of her recent A/W 09/10 collection, a.k.a. her Black Label. For, now that I have been united with The Most Perfect Hoody in the Entire World, I am 100% addicted to Miss Groover's work for the rest of my natural life. The Hoody will quite likely be the only piece of hers that I will ever own, given the heightened luxuriousness (and thus price) of the Black pieces, as opposed to the Grey pieces (of which The Hoody is a part). Nonetheless, I should be receiving a large lump sum bonus next spring/early summer if I still have my current job. So if this one-income household is still thriving by then, perhaps I can get my newest Top Want, Alexandra's Shell Hooded Jacket. It just creates the most striking silhouette. I've never seen anything like it. And it would go perfectly with just about every skirt I own.

Perhaps I should frame the printed pamphlet that came with The Hoody, as even just the photographs of these pieces are works of art in themselves. Again, I do believe Alexandra Groover to be my fashion soul mate.

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