Monday, July 20, 2009

Nicola Cook, who are you?

Just came back from what was supposed to be a lovely single track mountain bike ride. However, I might as well have gone with an ATV and an axe, as a result of the damage caused by Tree Massacre '09. I never even knew wind could do such vile things to trees! I saw dozens upon dozens of trees ripped right out of the ground by their roots, huge branches stripped off their trunks like cheese string, trees snapped right in two, and even a tree split down the middle lengthwise. And I'm talking trees that are at least in their teens, if not older than moi. So sad. I love trees. The majority of my back is a homage to trees for goodness sakes. Sigh.

If such a storm ever comes this way again, I'm praying that I have this modern superhero outfit (above) to combat the wind. I've never been a vinyl/pleather/wet-look gal myself, but for some reason these pants look positive comfy and yet fierce at the same time. And today I was allowed a glimpse of the wonder that is the ArtLab Space Odyssey dress, so I'm thinking that perhaps some shiny fabric isn't so bad after all. And of course I've been in love with huge stand-up collars since my Shakespeare/Elizabethan phase. Those quilted/tucked up/paneled/3D skirts (below) are amazing as well.

I do wish I could find more info on this designer. I found an entrance page that may be the same Nicola Cook, but it only says 'Graduate Portfolio - coming soon'. Sigh. I need to be equipped to save my trees!

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