Friday, July 10, 2009

ArtLab, my most wanted

I just returned from the post office with what will be my most-worn and well-loved couture piece ever. It is my ArtLab Andromache's Deconstruction Noir dress. I am completely at a loss how I lived without it.

a) It is the comfiest piece ever, as it's made out of the softest jersey tees. In fact, heaps and heaps of jersey tees!!!

b) It's made of heaps and heaps of jersey tees.

c) It has the signature ArtLab screenprint of 'CENTER BACK SEAM' down the center front.

d) Patricia customized mine with an elastic piece across the v-neck, attached/detachable with silver metal snaps.

e) The deconstructed/reconstructed tee pieces create a lovely bustle shape when viewed at the right angle (which I'm dying to accentuate with my ArtLab bustle).

f) And perhaps my favorite part is that the hanging tee pieces have a lovely weight to them as they sway while I'm walking. It makes me aware of just how great I look with every step.

I now know that I really do need the Andromache's Deconstruction Blanc as well. Really. And so do you, according to fashion156's 'most wanted' (featured along with that gorgeous sheer dress by Baibaripa, which is still available in NJAL's The Shop) - they definitely have their finger on the right fashion pulse. Oh goodness, wouldn't the Blanc look amazing over those Layered Trousers?!! Sigh...

P.S. Stay tuned to the ArtLab shop for Patricia's upcoming F/W 09/10 Capsule Collection, and here on kOs for an exclusive pre-unveiling interview! I'm not sure which one I'm more excited about!

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