Sunday, July 5, 2009

decisions, decisions...

Okay, so the truth is that I'm breaking under the pressure of summer sales and pretty frocks, so I am considering splurging on one last item, whether it be a delightful piece from Portland, a glorious dress from Finland, my initiation into the jodhpur trend, or a rescued pair of non-vegan shoes. But, if my money-managing sense prevails, I should probably go for one of these options, as they all come in under $60 (I can afford that for sure - just no Starbucks for me for a couple of weeks, Missy!). Although that doesn't necessarily make the decision process easier for me then, does it? Because that Meluseena necklace is oh so lovely (and it's called 'Romanticore'! and it's from Ireland!). But that tank is ArtLab and is grey and has a ruffle! But that Necklush is purple (my recent obsession) and is so nice and full! AHHH!!!

I'll be okay.

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