Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Calmed and in search of shoes

Wow, what a right downer I can be sometimes, eh? We shall call that unpleasant side of me Slagathor. Thank goodness some goodness came my way shortly after my previous blog entry, restoring the natural order of things (and my faith in mail order). And such goodness was in the form of one of the most delightful designers I have ever encountered, the lovely Alexandra Groover. I am constantly amazed at the excellent quality of customer service I've experienced from designers and sellers who sell their wares online. If only sales people in brick-and-mortar stores could learn such manners. Although I could not care less, really. I'm quite loyal to my designers on the 'internets'.

Having said that, I do not enjoy inflicting more pain and stress on myself than is entirely necessary (although being Slagathor does make a Wii Fit session quite pleasantly exhausting). Therefore, I have yet to buy a pair of shoes sight unseen. And thus I shall go down to my local shoe boutique to try on this lovely pair of Gravis canvas high-tops. I don't have much choice when it comes to avoiding leather, but this is a good safe and comfy choice for me.

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