Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An important lesson on keeping up your blog reading

Tis another sad day. I've felt bereft of inspiration for blogging today. Perhaps because many of my favorite designers are on holidays and/or gearing up for their autumn/winter collections. Perhaps because my favorite summer pieces are awaiting laundering, lest I offend more olfactory systems. Perhaps because I've been imagining my no-longer-mine skirt traveling far far away from me. Perhaps because I'll be seeing the littered skeletons of the numerous dead trees for weeks, as a result of the city's limited budget and manpower. Perhaps because an entire house from my daily walk disappeared while I was at work.

And perhaps it is a sad day mainly because I missed black-eyed suzie's shop update, meaning my favorite dolls and pendants have been sold without even giving me a chance. I know I couldn't have afforded the actual Hamlet or Lady MacBeth Art Dolls (below). But I would have snatched up the Lady MacBeth Doll Pendant for sure (above). I can't remember liking a doll since my Cabbage Patch or My Kid's Sister. But Sarah's work is beyond incredible. The eyes on her dolls are so striking. And I love the doll couture clothing. Sigh. The gorgeous Titania Art Doll Bust is still available, but I fear I would be overwhelmingly reminded of being forced into our horrible Grade 9 rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Curses. Time to go to bed; perhaps tomorrow shall be better.

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