Monday, July 13, 2009

Byproducts of no sleep

Dear readers,

Please excuse the possible plethora of posts for the next 6 days. My other half has disappeared into the mountains sans communication for some "guy time", and I am left holding down the fort alone. I just saw him off and am quite beside myself already, and thus I am posting pre-5am. Sigh.

As good a time as any I spose to post my re-find from last night. I've entered my blog into Dazed's Raw Blog Awards, and whilst perusing all the fashion blogs that put mine to shame, I stumbled upon a dress that made me realize I'd seen this label before, and should see more. The blog in question is Canvas, which highlighted the delightful label MATERIALBYPRODUCT. At first I thought this label was a total keener with Canvas saying that their Summer 2010 collection is up, but, silly me, they're Aussie (and they do call it A/W 09/10 on their own website).

And the Aussie origins shouldn't be surprising with the effortless beauty of both the pieces and models. My favorite is the white flowy Greek goddess/elvish/curtain dress, although I do love their reliance on black throughout all their collections. And the flapper-inspired pattern/print that caught my eye should be familiar to you as well if you share my NJAL addiction (hint: it's in The Shop in two lengths, here and here - love that swept up hem!).

Now I'm off to try and lengthen my 3 hour sleep, hopefully into the rest of the week. If I am not successful, I'm sure I'll see you again soon. Sigh.

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