Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Custom glam wear? Please?

With my recent submersion into all things Michael Jackson, I was thrilled to read Darren Fernandes' excellent article on NJAL, titled "The Style Autopsy of the King of Pop". I've totally been digging all of MJ's iconic looks (as Darren says, the "Thriller" look, the Military look, and the "Smooth" Look). Specifically, his "the use of über masculine pieces infused with embellishment typically associated with the glitz and glamour of feminine Hollywood starlets" reinstates my great desire for someone to make me a custom version of Jonsi's jacket that made me stand in awe at the show almost as equally as Sigur Rós' ethereal music itself. Any takers? I would blog about it every time I look at it/wear it...Anyone?

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