Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rachael Cassar

I totally dropped the ball today, as I was intending to unveil a new biweekly-ish feature today. However, we squandered the day away with an epic breakfast at Tim Hortons', fresh peas, HP, and, for the last couple of hours, in a friend's garage watching one of the scariest storms I can remember since our fair city's big tornado. So I shall save the new feature for another time.

But alas, some midnight NJAL browsing (since we are the lucky ones south of the river to have power) has rewarded me with the discovery of Rachael Cassar. Rachael's jaw-dropping one-off pieces are created from 90% recycled materials, meaning that I completely heart her. Her 08 Sinking Night collection (see above) is the latest to be posted (my favorites, from her 06 Lancome collection, are below). However, it seems from her website that she has been quite busy and that many good things are coming up for her - definitely a designer to keep an eye or two out for. Long live green fashion!

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