Friday, July 3, 2009

Emily Ryan

Okay Emily, I'm just a tad bit overwhelmed here with all your new listings this morning! I know you gave me the heads-up, but I was definitely not prepared. All those muted colours, hoods, loose/draped fits, and a good helping of jersey! You're a designer after my own heart...

I shall restrain myself from being photo-upload-happy and only post my two favorites, the Jersey (!) Butterfly Tunic (above) and the Pleated Wrap Jumper (genius! - I mean, below). Again, why don't I live in Portland? I could at least go try these pieces on then, even though I'm not allowed to buy them...Sigh. Double sigh actually.

Hey, haven't I seen those shoes somewhere before? Oh how I'd love a vegan pair...That hood just makes the most adorable illusion of tiny cap sleeves when it's worn down. I may have to forego the Ruffle Bustle Wrap Pants and go for this cutie instead when the money gods deem me worthy of some spending cash.

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