Monday, July 6, 2009

Shopping rant

At the risk of being too cacophonous with my barrage of blogging today, let me have one more silent rant (ooo, I almost made the awkward move of using my blog title in my blog entry, didn't I? - yikes!). I just conducted my monthly-ish experiment of trying to redeem shopping in physical stores. It, once again, failed. The shopping trip started with a horrendous bang, as I was treated to the most deplorable customer service at my neighbourhood American Apparel. There was honestly 15 employees standing around twirling their hair, and not a one of them said boo to me, their only customer. Not even when I left the changeroom. Good riddance. Then the Chie Mihara sandals that I was planning on rescuing (well, trying on) were completely sold out. I do usually get great service at Gravity Pope, but that was the only shoe I was interested in. Sigh. The only good thing about the whole trip was the adorable puppy I saw and my delicious layering job of my long light brown treehouse28 wide strap dress under my Liza Rietz scooped cowl knit gown. Oh, and the AA track jacket I snagged for $20 for my hubby, NOT at the AA store.

Honestly, since I discovered Etsy just over 2 years ago, you have to drag me kicking and screaming to physical stores. And we won't even mention malls. Three exceptions remain, being the aforementioned Gravity Pope, Bamboo Ballroom, and Nokomis (which carries independent Canadian designers such as Norwegian Wood). Aside from those, I'm quite happy to click away with my measurements and credit card in hand. And I have yet to find better customer service than my trusted friends and sellers on Etsy and other websites such as Ma Jolie and Not Just a Label.

Okay, I'm done.

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