Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Starting today, Josefin Strid has posted sample items on sale and has put all A/W 11 items on sale. I was all set to calculate the conversion of SEK to CDN, but then I saw that they only ship within the EU. Sigh. Some lucky (EU and size 36) girl will be getting the perfect sliced felted wool Chopin Coat at less than ten percent of the original price.

If you're looking for a cheaper Christmas present, a new Eluveitie song (which will be on their new album to be released in February) has just been posted (click here). You're welcome.

Anyway, I'm off to try to make my VCR work so I can watch It's A Wonderful Life while I wrap some presents, and then try to get my new Tiffany glasses adjusted so I can actually wear them. Though I feel like I'm cheating on Dame Westwood by wearing them...

Thursday, December 22, 2011


While we're on the topic of my personal fashion icons, let me direct your attention to the indomitable Björk in McQueen. For those of you lucky enough to go to the Savage Beauty exhibit, this custom dress is of course a tweaked version of the S/S 2001 dress made out of lab slides that greeted you at the exhibit entrance, as seen above. I, in fact, was threatened to be thrown out of the exhibit (the second time I went) when I attempted to take a photo of it and it's counterpart. Me, a polite little Canadian. Gee whiz.

(Photo via Alexander McQueen Facebook, by Sølve Sundsbø)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

After all this time?*

Alan Rickman as Severus Snape is definitely a source of inspiration for how to dress in both drapey and fitted black clothing. I couldn't find a photo on the Internets showing the detail at the bottom of Snape's pants, but each leg has a row of buttons going up the side seam (you can see a shot during Harry's first Quidditch game in the first movie, in case you're wondering). As I have the same detailing at the bottom of my mono pants, I can attest to the usefulness of this, especially when you wear extra high Chucks. It also gives the impression of having built-in spats, which are always key when wanting to look uber stylish. Though, of course, Alan Rickman is always uber stylish. Particularly when he's surrounded by books in a Manhattan loft (see Seminar if you can!).

By the way, if you've been wanting to get your own SHIN piece like me, take a look at the SHIN webshop. They're only from the older collections, but they're 60-75% off! goodmorning - midnight also has a holiday sale on Etsy right now. Those wool dresses are excellent alternative business wear, if you ask me.

(Photo via Google Images)


Monday, December 19, 2011

Modern Epidemic

Why is boring and (often ill-)fitted considered business attire, and not interesting and drapey? Especially when it's Christmas time and the office is full of chocolates and cookies? And the lunchtime walk route is through a sea of identically dressed people? If I was the decider of the decisions, butterflysoulfire would dictate what 'business attire' means. Also, Christmas lights would replace every ugly light fixture, and everyone would get to listen to Henry Rollins (and Jamie Woon) at work.

Speaking of Christmas, to all of those who have found your way here because you're interested in ugly Christmas sweaters, welcome.

(Photos via NJAL)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse

Now that I work in a corporate downtown environment, I'm thinking I should carry around a notebook with me for the sole purpose of recording my pet peeves and observations about corporate fashion. Because, in general, where I live, downtown fashion is not a pretty sight. Really, I'm thinking I should turn my growing mental list of pet peeves into a regular feature here (and perhaps ridiculous little children's stories to at least give each a humorous reason for their existence). But for now, I'd like to showcase how one should do animal skins. This is the work of Masters student (at Kingston University, alma mater of our Stacey Grant) and excellently named Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse. By laser-cutting pieces of discarded plywood, she has created these ridiculously wonderful garments that bio-mimic reptile skins. Because there's never a good reason to wear real reptile skins. I have a feeling Stefanie would feel right at home in the house of McQueen. Looking forward to see where this one goes!

(Photos via NJAL)