Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse

Now that I work in a corporate downtown environment, I'm thinking I should carry around a notebook with me for the sole purpose of recording my pet peeves and observations about corporate fashion. Because, in general, where I live, downtown fashion is not a pretty sight. Really, I'm thinking I should turn my growing mental list of pet peeves into a regular feature here (and perhaps ridiculous little children's stories to at least give each a humorous reason for their existence). But for now, I'd like to showcase how one should do animal skins. This is the work of Masters student (at Kingston University, alma mater of our Stacey Grant) and excellently named Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse. By laser-cutting pieces of discarded plywood, she has created these ridiculously wonderful garments that bio-mimic reptile skins. Because there's never a good reason to wear real reptile skins. I have a feeling Stefanie would feel right at home in the house of McQueen. Looking forward to see where this one goes!

(Photos via NJAL)

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