Saturday, November 26, 2011

Malgorzata Dudek

Here on kOs, I mostly stick to posting practical clothing that I would wear (at least given the right situation). However, sometimes I see something that I just can't stop looking at. I actually saw these pieces by Polish designer Malgorzata Dudek a few weeks ago in a couple of places on the Internets, with the most recent being a post by Queen Michelle. Her Highness focused on the incorporation of artist H. R. Giger's images into Malgorzata's S/S 12 collection, as she was already familiar with Giger's work. I, however, am completely ignorant of Giger and his work, and I find Malgorzata's dress with the 3D baby heads quite disturbing (although completely perfect for Lady Gaga...), and I may or may not have stopped reading the post at the point. However, Malgorzata popped back up on my radar today (via NJAL) and I was struck by the level of McQueen-like aesthetic in the non-baby head pieces (click on the photos below for full-length detail). This collection is quite a fantastic progression of Malgorzata's couture skills, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more from her.

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