Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mea gaudia narret,/dicetur si quis non habuisse sua.

In case you've been wondering, a whole slew of things have been both improving my week and keeping me away from my blog and the blogosphere in general. My favorite distractions are as follows:

1) Music from Satyagraha. The videos I can find on the YouTubes are from the earlier Met production of the same opera. So Gandhi is played by someone else, and I think that the music is slightly faster (even though Philip Glass said that they sped it up a bit this time around). Nonetheless, I find the repetitive music and (Sanskrit) lyrics quite relaxing.

2) American Gods (The Tenth Anniversary Edition). I got a signed copy of this last time I was in NY when I saw Neil Gaiman at 92nd Street Y (eek!), but just got around to reading it now (seeing as my David Foster Wallace obsession has plateaued for a bit). This is my third or fourth time through the book, but, bless my bad memory, I can't yet tell where the added bits are (as it's 12,000 words longer than the original version). It's wonderful.

3) Homemade mulled cider. Yum.

4) My research. If things don't work out in the job world, my next move is to finally go back to school. And so, I have been planning out a thesis for the last couple months, which has quite quickly developed into something wonderfully exciting and possibly groundbreaking (and/or controversial), at least to the handful of scholars that actually care about this topic. And really, even if I don't go back to school for one reason or another, I'm planning on continuing my studies and writing as an independent researcher. This topic has been in the back of my head since I graduated with my BA in 2007, and it hasn't left me alone since. So I figured it's finally time to give it a go and get everything down on paper and out into the world. Expect to hear updates on the whole thing right here (whether you want to or not...).

5) Hoodies. I used to wear at least one hoodie a day, but with my work attire, that section of my wardrobe has been sorely neglected. Now, after seeing that beautiful one by Boris Bidjan Saberi and entering into the long dark winter, my eyes have been catching on every hoodie with potential. And this one from Audrey Cantwell's Ovate has lots of potential. Previous to the unorthodox complexgeometries stifler hoodie adopted from my man, I would only wear ones with zippers. I am now ready to wear a closure-less hoodie. I even have some funds in my PayPal account to help me make this next step in my growth as a hoodie connoisseur.

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