...about me...

Me (with a startling flat version of Stephen Colbert) in Manhattan, February 2011, wearing: Patricia Ayres Artisanal coat, Wolfgang Jarnach scarf, moop Letter Bag, mono jodhpurs, Chucks

1) I'm a 29(!)-year-old Canadian named Steff ('Buffy' is my childhood nickname and Internets moniker) who just barely managed to get outside of North America before turning 30. Until September 2010, I had never been in a city that hosts a major Fashion Week, or even in a high-end label store. Hence why I never really developed a huge interest (so far) in high-end/well known designers. Except for Vivienne Westwood...and Alexander McQueen.

2) I became obsessed with Vivienne Westwood after seeing the Sex and the City movie, and have the best present ever to prove it.

3) I hold two Bachelor's degrees, one in Biological Sciences, and one in Classical Languages (Ancient Greek and Latin). I wasn't really using either of them, so I've decided to go back for more. This time: a Master's in Ancient Societies and Cultures. I'll be writing a thesis on Sulpicia, the only female Roman poet whose work still survives today. If you want to know more, just ask!

4) I think I became interested in fashion largely because I've tended to gravitate towards jobs which require my workwear to be scrubs. And so I relish the idea of 'dressing up' as soon as I get home, for no reason at all.

5) My love of handmade clothing came from my obsession with searching for 'DiY' clothing on eBay, which stemmed from the wish to not look like every other undergrad. When most of my favorite sellers moved to Etsy, I moved as well and discovered a whole new world. I now purchase at least 90% of my clothing from the very people who created the garments.

6) I wore the most beautiful green Victorian-inspired chiffon and satin dress by Nataya for my wedding (below left). I fell in love with it and bought it before I was even engaged.

7) I got legally married in a black hoody (right), and have since become obsessed with replacing said hoody (as I have loved it/disintegrated it to pieces). I believe I have finally found the answer in Alexandra Groover's 5-hooded hoody, now known as The Hoody. (I then had to have another wedding in order to wear my green dress.)

8) My blog name, kaKofonie Of si(gh)lenS, is from a band name my man made up, which I subsequently stole. It consists only of letters from my name, has my initials in uppercase, and slyly contains a Latin word (silens). I also sigh a lot in my posts. It is by sheer coincidence that this blog has the same acronym as one of my favorite blogs, Kingdom of Style, which I found in the first month of my blog's existence.

9) My dream job is to be Björk's personal designer.

10) If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life, it would be Sigur Rós.

11) On any given day, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be wearing one or more of the following three labels (in alphabetical order): ArtLabcomplexgeometries, and/or mydearthing.

12) I absolutely hate my picture being taken, which works well since I don't want this to become a 'my daily outfit' blog.