Thursday, May 21, 2009

Muscles and ruffles

So it appears that I have injured myself at work again. Hopefully a massage with Kimberly at 2pm will sort that out (oh Kim, your double forearm action on my back is wonderful!). While I'm waiting, I was hoping to wear my fabulous Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Jabot coat out to get my free tall beverage at Starbucks. Alas, before I stepped out the door there was a sudden downpour. From what I remember, you are not supposed to soak your Italian velvet in city rain water. Sigh. I've only been able to wear my coat a handful of times. It is indeed the best present I've ever received, and probably will ever receive (until I finally get my puppy). Perhaps drinking coffee in my VW jacket wouldn't have been right, seeing as I gave up my daily grande (or triple venti) extra hot non-fat caramel macchiatos for six months so that I'd get my dream jacket. It'll have to wait yet another day to feel fresh air.

Speaking of my back hurting, while laying on my living room floor last night, I rediscovered a wonderful little book that I used in my honours' thesis, Latin Language and Latin Culture: from ancient to modern times by Joseph Farrell. I should've kept up with my studies after graduating. I think I'll have to start by reading this book through, since I had only used a couple chapters before. Oh the life of a (retired) Classics nerd.

And speaking of Classics, besides all things Latin, I'm dreaming of ruffles today. Perhaps it's because Elle UK had a lovely page featuring ruffles. Specifically I'm dreaming of an ArtLab piece, the 'Bustle of Lysistrata'. Perhaps it's the name that drew me to this piece, since I love Aristophanes' play. But I've always had a thing for the big bustle gowns of Gone With the Wind, and I adore Norwegian Wood's versatile elastic harness. So Patricia's bustle is the perfect hybrid accessory. Now if only I could come up with something to wear with it, since I am not a tights/leggings sort of girl...

Here's hoping that I haven't done something horrible to my back...

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