Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lovely day

I love the sound of the old-fashioned streetcar that runs just behind our building. It runs from May to October a few times a day. That sounds means it's finally summer. *Smile*

I love this video. It's a show on Swedish TV that was filmed in breath-taking Iceland, talking about the current economic meltdown there and the impact their incredible creative community is making. It features Sigur Ros, who creates the most beautiful music in the world. If only I could see them play live every single day...(And if only I could have Jonsi's jacket he wore when we saw them in Montreal...)

And I love this jacket. If you know me or read my blog even semi-regularly, it'll be quite obvious that I am indeed a Bonzie follower/fan/addict. I dreaming of a black and tattered version of the Napoleona Couture Coat for myself...Although the original red version quite likely has magical powers, just like my red Belle shoes. I opted to wear some comfier Stella McCartney/Adidas flats yesterday, so my back has not yet been cured and I am still looking for some kind of wonderful therapy...

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