Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yet another reason to be an uber Etsy fan

I am oh so happy to see my friend and fave designer Bonzie on the front page of Etsy, being in the spotlight as the 'Featured Seller' since yesterday. I've been a regular in the Bonzie shop almost since it opened, and somehow feel very proud to see where this little Irish label has gone since Bonz teamed up with her lovely aunt Ger. I feel so lucky to own so many Bonzie pieces (many of them custom made to my mad requests). I really couldn't pick a favorite if I tried. The newest addition to the shop, 'The Courtesan's Summer Jacket' is definitely a heart breaker - especially since it has already sold, and not to me! A big hearty and well deserved congrats and all the more to you in the future!!!

Also in other fashion related news, I'm rather excited to soon be an owner of the Muse style of Joe's Jeans in the lovely Maya wash. I tried these on the other day at a local store and could not believe how they had improved my favorite pair of jeans by 200%. I can't get over the high waist cut, the perfect length (last season's were an inch too long), and the comfiest stretchy denim in the world (replacing the stiff and largely polyester blend used in last fall's Muse jeans). Sadly the price had also increased, so I had to scour the Internets to find an affordable pair. The lovely people at Ma Jolie will soon be sending my own pair to me at a savings of around $70. I love supporting local shops (on the rare occasion that I shop in a physical store), but sometimes my taste is just too darn expensive.

And speaking of expensive tastes, a delightful customer service rep at President's Choice Financial totally saved my butt today. I was so excited about purchasing my new cheap Muse jeans, that I forgot to change my payment option on Paypal to my credit card. Paypal is almost too easy to use!!! But with a quick call and then a quick trip to the bank at the rep's expert advice, I averted disaster and now still only have one two-year old NSF charge to my name. Phew! Now I can dream of how my new jeans will look fabulous with...my new ArtLab tee that I blogged about below. Patricia took pity on me and the Canadian dollar and now this work of art will also be mine at a fraction of its worth. Hurray!

So indeed, this overall disastrous day shall be cancelled out by these lovely things and by the wonderful weekend I had away in Jasper with my husband. I could do without the still forecasted snow, but there are still delicious chai lattes and dark truffles to make life quite enjoyable...

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