Thursday, May 28, 2009

Money savers

What a glorious sunny day full of good news!

1) I bought the cutest/sexiest swimsuit ever last fall with some birthday money from on-leave Etsy seller and fellow Canadian, polkadore. I didn't get a chance to wear it until the other weekend on our trip to the mountains, and discovered a technical difficulty which made me quite sad. However, Claudia is such a sweetheart, that she's offered to remake the suit for me free of charge. This makes me a very happy girl, especially since this is the very best swimsuit EVER. If only the world was brimming with such people like Claudia.

2) It's been 1 month since my 6-month coffee ban has been lifted, and sadly I still cannot successfully stomach my favorite Starbucks espresso-based drinks. However, today I discovered a drink that has made me quite ecstatic. 'New' to the
menu is the Iced Coffee with Milk. Now, I never liked the taste of plain ol' coffee, so I always went for the over-priced espresso options. But today I happily found out that my taste buds have matured and are quite delighted by coffee's flavour. With a Venti size coming in at $3.31, I can enjoy my Starbucks at $1.57 less than my normal fare (Venti Caramel Macchiato). I can (kinda sorta) afford that new Liza Rietz tunic after all...

3) And best of all, a delightful little snail letter addressed to my lovely husband (who is getting nicer and nicer to look at every day - thank God for mountain bikes!!!) informed us that he has been awarded a $1,200 scholarship for his upcoming Master's program that he is beginning in the fall. We have his tuition sitting in our savings account already, but this extra cash is quite welcome, as I will be the only income come September. Hurray for super smart husbands!!!

So now the question is, why shouldn't I get Under the Root's 'Underworld Umbrella UnitSuit'? I think the name alone is a good enough reason to splurge for delicious lounging/underthings...

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