Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ArtLab mania

So the much-anticipated ArtLab bustle arrived today. My first reaction was speechlessness. Because it's amazing. My second reaction was, 'Oh no, I think I'm in over my head.' This piece of art is going to require all my creativeness to figure out just how to style it, as I've never owned or tried on anything like it. For some reason I think I need a great little vest to go with it. If only my dearest Bonzie had one in her shop. What I picture a Bonzie vest to be is gorgeous in my mind...I must admit I'm also curious how it would look layered over this Stella McCartney top that I'm hoping to win on ebay.

The possibilities are endless, I'm sure. And I am now 100% addicted to ArtLab. I also received the gorgeous ArtLab tee I lamented over a couple weeks ago. Worth every discounted penny, and more. Sigh.

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