Friday, May 15, 2009

The low Cdn dollar makes me sad

Today's major like is this one of kind deconstructed tee by ArtLab. I don't know why I haven't bought it yet. Except for the fact that the exchange rate sucks. Phooey. Patricia of ArtLab is simply brilliant.

Like #2: The LOST season finale. I'm so excited for next season. I'm a Classics nerd and totally think this is going to be related to mythology. Egyptian mythology isn't my thing, but it's still awesome.

Like #3: May long weekend. To have a long weekend off of work is as rare as a black unicorn. So I'm going to enjoy it.

Today's dislikes from #1-3: It's supposed to snow three days at least next week. WTF.

Is craving ants on a log for the past couple months a bad thing? I've eaten almost 2 celery things (heads? bunches?) in the last couple weeks because I just can't get enough. Got my husband hooked too. :)

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