Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snow in May

Why oh why do I still live in Edmonton? It snowed yesterday briefly and snowed again today for quite a while. It's the middle of May. I'll blame it on global warming. Too bad walking and biking everywhere can't make the weather here more tolerable.

Today's likes:

1) All of my grandparents are alive. I like that a lot.

2) My new Bobelly cozyshrug that I mentioned the other day. I can't take this thing off. Who knew bamboo could be so comfortable!

3) Not successfully selling things on ebay. Now, I know this sounds odd, but last week I listed a couple of Etsy purchases because I had not yet worn them, wanted some extra cash, and had gained a little since I had got them. But then I lost a couple pounds, tried them on again, and got a new haircut. These three things led to me instantly regretting listing them. And lo and behold the ebaying world isn't so smart when it comes to handmade fashion. Hurray for me! I still want to alter this Lorimarsha dress a bit so it fits me better in the bust, but I can't wait to wear it (as soon as it stops snowing...). I'm indeed the luckiest girl to own this dress:

You may want to check out my ebay page (seller/user name buffy_leigh) to take advantage of my occasional lapses in judgment on cleaning out my closet...

Today's dislikes:

1) My headache is now reaching the 2 week mark, but today it has this nasty stabbing quality in my left temple. I should get my eyes checked, pronto. I'd really like some Vivienne Westwood frames anyway.

2) Umm, snow in May, obviously.

3) Income tax - I get way too much deducted off my paycheque. I get it all back in February anyway, so why not just give it to me when I earn it.

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